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About Us

Team Leyes is a jewelry brand and store who was founded and launched online in 2017 by his current CEO, Kevin Leyes, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. An entrepreneur influenced by the culture and the urban artistic environment of his country and the United States, who after noticing the absence of someone who leads locally in the field undoubtedly conceived and developed, with a lot of time, effort, dedication -and no money- this project that today has acquired an important consolidation to the point where artists like Khea, Ecko, Seven Kayne, Alex Caniggia, and others, internationally recognized, work and opt for it.

Team Leyes offers young people, mostly insiders or interested in urban music genre (“reggaetón” and trap), the possibility to look like their favorite artists. It sells chains of all types, pendants, bracelets, sets, rings, earrings, watches, grillz and more. In addition, any design that a person may have in mind or in a simple sketch, the experienced team of designers can take it to reality and turn it into a personalized piece. Team Leyes designs it and also produces it!

In 2019, Team Leyes began to have an international presence in the United States, specifically Miami, Florida, and Los Angeles, California.